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About Dr. Jordan

Dr. Timothy Jordan has been a practicing veterinarian for 38 years. 

He has worked in both large and small animal veterinary practices 

and currently owns and has owned several veterinary practices. 

 He has a passion for surgery and has taken many in-depth training 

and courses to further his surgical skills and learn new and better techniques. 

 Dr. Jordan has performed over 3,000 different orthopedic procedures 

and can offer colleagues and pet owners alike an insight into the 

possible options and outcomes of a number of orthopedic and soft tissue problems encountered in a veterinary practice. 

 When asked, Dr. Jordan can assess a particular surgical problem with a colleague and determine if the procedure is best performed in a referral practice with a board-certified veterinary surgeon. 

 If a comparable outcome at a lower cost can be obtained with the partnership of a clinic's doctor 

and staff, he will perform the procedure in your local practice.  

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